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Total Knee® 2100

Total Knee® 2100


The Total Knee 2100 is a highly refined polycentric knee with 3-phase hydraulic swing control designed to withstand the rigors of more active amputees. With a weight limit of 125kg (275lbs) and 25% increased fluid capacity over Model 2000.

  • Polycentric knee designed for multi-speed ambulation, higher impact levels and heavier loads.
  • Geometric locking system.
  • 30mm (13/16") pylon adaptability.
  • Adjustable stance flexion.
  • Adjustable extension promoter.
  • Low build height, useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation.

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.

Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.


Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.


Activities involving running, track and field, sprinting, and long-distance running.

Example: Track and field sports.

Total Knee 2100 Specifications

Total Knee® 2100 Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:


Knee Disarticulation

Hip Disarticluation


Impact Level: Moderate to Extreme
Maximum Patient Weight: 125kg
Weight Of Knee: 900g (1.98lbs)
Build Height: 175mm (6.9")
Knee Flexion: Max 150°