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Iceross® Post-Op

Iceross® Post-Op


The Iceross Post-Op liner is used for compression therapy. Best results are obtained with an Iceross Post-Op liner if an Össur Rigid Dressing (ORD) has been applied to the residual limb immediately following amputation surgery and used for 5–7 days. The Iceross Post-Op liner features a low friction coating that makes donning and doffing easier.

Early treatment with an Iceross Post-Op liner has been shown to facilitate early mobilization and speed up the maturation process of the residual limb. This makes it possible to provide the amputee with a prosthesis at an earlier stage, leading to less dependence on medical staff.

Compression therapy with the Iceross Post-Op liner gives the residual limb an optimal shape for prosthetic socket fitting, thereby reducing the risk of prosthetic complications.

The main objectives of Iceross Post-Op liner use are to:

  • Diminish oedema
  • Shape the residual limb
  • Contribute to pain relief
  • Accelerate the rehabilitation process

Iceross Post-Op Specifications

Iceross® Post-Op Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:


Sizes: 18,20,22,23.5,25,26.5,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,45
Profile: 2mm
Matrix: 10cm
Iceross Characteristics:

stabilizing matrix

Iceross Characteristics

Stabilizing Matrix

Stabilizing Matrix

Reinforced fabric integrated into the distal end of the Iceross® liners eliminates longitudinal stretching of soft tissue. Iceross® Transfemoral and Iceross® Upper-X liners have a full-length matrix incorporated into the fabric cover.

  • Eliminates longitudinal stretching and pistoning
  • Protects sensitive distal tissue
  • Accepts circumferential stretch