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Aspire™ Kit


  • Locking umbrella: more secure suspension
  • 3mm stiff Silicone: increases durability, better soft tissue stabilization
  • 10cm matrix: improves distal end stability, decreases elongation
  • Textile: easier donning and doffig, more cosmetic color


  • Aluminum material: lightweight, strong, durable
  • Ratchet lock: audible lock increases feeling of safety for user
  • Offset tube clamp adapter, offset female pylon: easier fabrication and alignment


  • Carbon composite material: good energy storage and return, smoother rollover
  • Sandal toe foot cover: better cosmesis
  • Dust shield: protects foot, increases durability
  • 80mm low build height: suitable for most amputation lengths
  • 660g lightweight design: decreases energy consumption
  • Soft or stiff heel fimness: suitable for different user body weights and activity levels
Patient Profile
Amputation Level: Transtibial
Impact Level: Low to High
Maximum Patient Weight: 100kg
Product Information
Build Height: 193-329mm
Liner Information
Size Standard: 18,20,22,23.5,25,26.5,28,30,32,34,36
Profile: 3mm
Matrix: 10cm
Foot Information
Stiffness Soft or Firm
Sizes: 22-28
Weight of Foot: (Size 27) 660g w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover
Build Height: (Size 27) 80mm w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover
Heel Height: 10mm
Adapter Options: Fixed Male Pyramid

Kit Ordering Information

ASPLxyyz* Aspire Leg Aspire Component Set, Aspire Foot & Foot Cover
AS-BLLxx** Aspire Liner Aspire Liner

*x: S (soft) or F (firm)
yy: size 22-28
z: R (right) or L (left)

Please specify when ordering brown covers, add “BR” to the end of the part number.

** xx: Size 18-36