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Optimal Functionality

The Aspire product line is an economic transtibial solution, targeted for moderate to high activity level prosthetic users. Available in a complete kit consisting of a silicone locking liner, ratchet pin lock, endoskeletal adapters, and carbon foot, it is the right choice for many amputees. The Aspire series is specially designed for emerging markets in Asia, where durability and affordability are important, along with functionality and cosmesis.

Comfortable and durable

  • Intimate suspension and stabilization of soft tissues
  • Soft but durable silicone protects residual limb, and reduces shear forces and peak pressures within the socket

Optimal Functionality

  • Advanced carbon fier technology that allows high energy return
  • Reduces impact on the residual limb and helps amputees to walk more easily

Easy fabrication and adjustments

  • Single-step lamination
  • NEW adjustable alignment components helps for easy fabrication and adjustments

Aspire TF Kit Information Aspire Kit Information