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#MyWinningMoment nominated for Digital Communication Awards

Össur’s #MyWinningMoment campaign was recently nominated for two European Digital Communication Awards, in the categories of Brand Relationship and Online Storytelling. Over 750 entries from 13 countries were received for multiple categories and Össur ranked in the top five for both Brand Relationship and Online Storytelling. Among the nominees for these prestigious awards were large global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, HSBC, Lufthansa, Adobe, Ikea, Merck, and others.

#MyWinningMoment was a contest that celebrated mobility and embodied the spirit of Life Without Limitations. We invited amputees of all ages to share their stories of personal triumph and defining moments via photo or video on the website and social media. Whether it was a top athletic achievement, an everyday activity, or a seemingly unremarkable event, these moments in time represent something very special. Each picture and video demonstrates the power to overcome disability thanks to a combination of human resilience, passion for life, and prosthetic technology.

At Össur, we are dedicated to developing technologies that help people enjoy life without limitations. Whether that means running a marathon or catching up with a runaway toddler, each person’s life is filled with everyday victories. #MyWinningMoment was intended to showcase individuals’ proudest achievements as they themselves define them, both large and small.” said Jón Sigurðsson, President and CEO of Össur.

To discover more about the #MyWinningMoment campaign, watch the video below.